ibuypower gaming optical mouse Review

With the ancient Nvidia Gefidia GT 710, the AMD Ryzen 2 3200G processor, and only 8GB of RAM DDR4 (not to mention the mechanical hard drive), you shouldn’t expect too much from ibuypower mouse software. Even so, I was disappointed with the GFXBench 2267 test score in the T-Rex test, and the sad PCMark score of 2555 was even less impressive, even though it might be associated with the fact that PCMark did not recognize GT 710 graphics cards because of his age.

In contrast to benchmarks, real-world performance is not as bad as you might think. Navigate desktops, explore the web, and do basic photos and even responsive video edits are relatively free of frustration.

Ibypower BB108A.

 Lifewire / Andy Zahn

Gaming: Basic Ability

Seeing your BB108A naturally hope it becomes a gaming machine. His RGB lights, large tempered glass side panels, and general styles shouted “gamers”. However, with an ancient GT 710 graphics card and the latest 1GB VRAM, you will not play the latest and greatest games in high settings. Indie’s titles went well, and I did not find a problem that runs a less demanding title like Downwell. I can also enjoy Dota 2 in medium-low settings, so it’s not a complete loss for playing games.

Graphics cards are very old and slow so it doesn’t add value to the system.

Frankly, you better spend a little more on a PC with a newer and stronger graphics card if you are even interested in long-distance playing games. Or, you can update BB108A. Even low-end cards from last year will be a massive upgrade above GT 710, and it won’t expand too much system costs.

Productivity: a little striking

Ibupower BB108A will work well for daily office assignments, or even some basic photo editing and video editing. However, it may not be the ideal machine for workplaces together, considering the design is a bit striking. Mass also makes it less ideal if space is a premium commodity.

If you will do a lot of typing, you will want to invest in a better keyboard. Even though the Ibupower Ares E1 keyboard is very useful for the included keyboard, it is clearly not the device you want to spend hours using.

Ibypower BB108A.

 Lifewire / Andy Zahn

Audio: The speaker is not included

I don’t expect the default speakers from a desktop PC, but BB108A does provide a choice of good options for connecting external speakers, including support for sound surround channels 7.1. You can also connect Bluetooth speakers for it wirelessly. I did not find anything to complain about the quality of the audio output.

Network: competent connectivity

BB108A Ibupower is done quite well in network speed tests, and can fully utilize wired and wireless internet connections. There is no difficulty taking the wifi signal, and showing signal strength comparable to a typical laptop. Bluetooth connectivity is also included, and the connection seems strong too.